Hirotec ‘Connect’ Subcontractor Portal Login

Hirotec has developed our Hirotec ‘Connect’ Subcontractor portal to more effectively engage with our service providers and deliver a more efficient service offering to our clients. We are focused on improved management of information and eliminating rework wherever possible and as a result have enabled Subcontractor’s the ability to access and control their allocated work and documentation requirements through this online portal.
  • Dashboard – At a glance view your outstanding and overdue jobs for Hirotec
  • Documentation Management – Upload invoices and job documentation on the portal, including insight into outstanding documentation.
  • Job Management – Update job information on the portal allowing timelier KPI management for our customers.
  • Accreditation – Access accreditation and induction information relevant to your organisation and employees.
  • Efficient – The portal has been designed to make working for Hirotec more efficient for our Subcontractors, saving you time in providing information required by our client base.
  • Transparent – The portal provides complete transparency on what a Subcontractor has provided to Hirotec on a ‘job by job’ basis, thereby improving our B2B communication flow – you see what we see.